Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day and we are launching a new petition to help protect and support young victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

When minors are involved in commercial sex, they are kids, not criminals. When a boy is sold for sex by a family member, he needs services, not a prison sentence. When a girl is trapped by a pimp who sells her for sex online, she needs protection, not prosecution. Yet, all too often, these children are still arrested and treated like criminals.

We are fighting to pass Safe Harbor laws in 2013 to protect these vulnerable kids. These laws define child victims of sexual exploitation as kids, not criminals, and provide funding for the services they so desperately need. PA does not have a Safe Harbor law in place and we will be working with our local partners there in 2013 to change that. When we walk into a state legislator’s office in PA, we want to hand your representative your name and the names of thousands of other committed advocates.

Sign the Petition and in honor of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, forward this email to 5 friends who don’t know about Safe Harbor laws.

From:  Polaris Project

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